Cleaning Problems Reduced Centuries On

One of the positive joys of being in a home stay situation is the chance to catch up on tv docmentaries and classic series.   I rather like to see how lives have changed over the years by the introduction of various stages cleaning for instance.  One popular historian does brilliant programmes on how the tudors lived, or the georgians etc.  There are no holds barred and we get all the grim details of how rat infested the houses and palaces actually were.  The lack of power made it impossible to get the properties anywhere near clean, as we know it.  Their best method for pest reduction was to have terrier dogs and house cats – mousers and ratters.   Food could not be kept as safely as we’re used to either and cleaning up the kitchens was a major task – the copper pans had to be kept clean and shiny.  Not just for show but to stop ghastly illnesses from killing off the population too often.

A Lady Who Cleans, Irons & Shops – A Miracle Indeed

I have a pal, recently widowed.  She’s always been in the somewhat more affluent sector of my acquaintances and has been very much used to always having someone around to do the cleaning, and often, shopping.  During her husbands final battle, she was very grateful for these services but because they’d always been there, almost throughout her marriage, it was nothing to write home about.  However, now that she has much more time on her hands, she’s been wondering if she should dispense with the help, do it herself and thus save the ependiture . . . . .  As soon as she mentioned this scheme to me, I gently but firmly put a stop to it.  I named half a dozen other much more worthy ways to use her time and energy.  Keeping on a cleaning lady who also does ironing, bed changing, shopping and curtain hanging . . . well they’re rare indeed and should be valued paid double as far as I’m concerned – I think I’ve saved the day for her Mrs Mop.

Keeping A Cleaner Worth Her Weight In Gold

A niece of mine lives with a partner and his three dogs.   Until the recent disruptions to the working week,  they had been able to enjoy the services of a very good cleaning lady.  She actually owns the company and because they lived in the same village, they were lucky enough to have her services when she visited her mother.   If they were any other couple, in any other village, they may not have been able to rely on the continuance of this happy situation.    Now of course, cleaners are very much in demand and they are able to refuse commissions if the pay and conditions no longer suit.  Admittedly they do have to comply with a much stricter set of operating rules.  Cleaning must be done very thoroughly and social distancing be adhered to where physically possible.   Many cleaners have actually beeen carrying on in limited ways, ensuring their older clients are not lonely, ill or hungry – they do often run errands, that’s for sure.  It makes it a bit difficult for some to lose a good cleaner – who now is worth hers and her entire family’s weight in gold!

Cleaning Outside Of Upper Windows

In modern houses, or those with replacement double glazing, it is usually possible to clean both sides of the upstairs windows from the inside.  This can be a very bewildering task for the inexperienced but with a couple of goes, will become less so.  Almost all replacement windows come with special hinges for the window to be opened fully to allow cleaning either side.  Sometimes there’s a catch in the window stay inside the bottom frame – a button to slide or push, that releases the hinge.  They are made stiff so that children can’t open the window themselves beyond the normal gap for air.    To clean the middle window, it will be necessary to sit on the sill with side windows  extended, and reaching across, spray and polish half at a time, taking care not to slip out.   It is tiring and not recommended for the less mobile or dexterous.  In these situations, getting a window cleaner for the outsides is recommended.

Good Old Fashioned Cleaning Habits Will Prevail

In these ghastly panic ridden times, the world having gone completely barking mad, it has been increasingly difficult to get hold of even the most basic cleaning materials at some of the more major super markets.  I don’t know what ges into the minds of some people.  There is a serious medical emergency and we’re asked to protect ourselves and families firstly by washing hands constantly and not touching faces with unwashed hands.  We usually have cleaning stuff at home for this anyway.  At least I’ve had the usual handful of packets of soap for myself as I don’t buy liquid hand cleaner – trying to reduce my one use plastics . . .  A bar of hand soap lasts weeks even with increased vigilance and it doesn’t dry my hands out like liquid does.   I save up my washing up now – by quickly rinsing the crocks immediately after use and popping in the dishwasher.  It saves so much more water and washing up liquid that’s wasted for just a small lunch for one!  Wiping down all surfaces with a ‘j’ cloth well wrung out in hot water and a quick spray of bleach based cleaner is still sufficient – I’m confident I’ve not got the virus and I don’t see why there’s this frantic hoarding of cleaning products.  Just everyday common sense hygiene to be used is sufficient.  It does make one wonder what families do when there’s no emergency – do they not ever wash their hands or wipe down surfaces and floors?  Hmmmm!

Cleaning Our Little World Is Path To Calmness & Control

This weekend, promise yourself towards the cleaning of your wardrobe. Your cupboard is an important part of your house. In order to clean it, you need to clear it off its things so that you can have a better caricature of what you are about to deal with. Organisation is the key and you need to manage your clothes and accessories accordingly and remove the things that are not required. In case if you have not worn a garment for more than a year, then it is better to either sell it off or to donate it to a need y bloke. Get the drawer divider, hooks for your belts and the shoe case. This is a best way to keep your closet tidy.

You might also as well divide on the basis of casuals and formals. Color matching is also a good option. If you manage your clothes in accordance to the season, then it is not a dire idea as well.

Special Floor Clean Up After Tea & Cake

We had a really busy and messy time in the village hall the other week.  And not for the firs ttime was I grateful we’d previously booked a professional cleaner to really give the hall a thorough going over.  An autumn fayre for the seniors social group and we did the usual cake and biscuits to go with cups of tea.  There were tables down the centre of the hall – with stalls along the sides.   For some reason we found ourselves having to be vigilent and catching the mess every time a really senior person tried walking from the serving hatch to a seat somewhere distant.    This is when you feel like shouting ‘I told you so’ when you’d already suggested it would be best to run a sort of waitress service!  Anyway we had plenty of newspaper to hand for instant mopping up.  The state of that parquet floor was terrifying.    We did our best with materials to hand at the time.  Our effors were pathetic though – the hall was rapidly getting worse from the grim weather – we eventually threw in the towl, literally and persuaded the caretake to book a professional cleaning company who could satisfactorily deal with a parquet floor.

Triplet Of Cleaning Emergencies Dealt With

I’ve had a really disasterous week so far at home.  I managed to drop an egg on the kitchen floor – stone tiles are unforgiving!   Then a day later I had hopped out to the garden bin, didn’t take off my sandals and promptly left huge prints on the pale honey coloured lounge carpet. . . ..  Things come in threes and I dropped a brand new fully loaded mascara wand on my bedroom carpet.  So I had to take emergency action.  The egg was asticky mess  but I got kitchen gloves on, double sheet of newspaper and scooped up as much of it  as I could aided by a palette knife, then mopped the area quickly with floor cleaner – twice.  The footprints were left to dry,  then a very stiff hand brush took the worst off – I then made up a very small carpet cleaning solution and with a nail brush, went over any ‘shadows’ with circular motion from the outside in towards the centre.  Leaving it to dry, it then vacuumed away brilliantly.  The last one was more of a challenge.   But I’ve discovered the spray I clean up after my daughter’s doggy mishaps is excellent for loosening and removing jet black waterproof mascara – who knew?!

Robotic Cleaner Considerations

Cartesian robotics. The system can handle bio-hazardous materials in fragile laboratory containers. Configuration requirements dictate that controls and tools must be easily usable by employees that are not familiar with automation. There are countless other examples in the automotive manufacturing business. Applications for Cartesian robotics are many.

An example is the wiper assembly manufacturing operation. It has been said that robots have capabilities built into them that can be used to make the manufacturing process much more efficient if all the abilities are reviewed when the automation process is defined. In other operations the part is held while being pressed into an assembly. Holding a part that is being welded is a prime use of Cartesian robots. A system can be created that provides the utmost in cleanliness with extremely high safety standards. All work has to be done in straight planes Cartesian robots act as tenders for other machinery.

For many years, few pieces of clothing even had designs on them because it was a difficult task to achieve. Picking up an object from a conveyor belt or other location and placing that object in another location is a long standing function of Cartesian robots

Getting Back At The Fly Tipper With Big Time

I’m really not sure how there can be a temptation to tip garbage and domestic rubbish along bridleways and country lanes but for some folk, this lazy and totally unreasonable fashion is their standard m.o.  This is generally because local councils charge tradesmen for using their tidy tips – car and especially van drivers, are now required to state what they’re disposing of and they need permission for which they pay, to use the tip for professional clearance.  So the sumbags of this world never want to pay out or do anything socially acceptable and find it ok to ruin our countryside.   It’s so much more expensive when councils then have to pay out for professional clean ups too.  It was heartening to read online about someone who was filmed throwing a fridge over the side of a ravine in a beauty spot.    The authorities were able to trace him and shared the image of his offence on social media –  he was fined thousands of euros and had to retrieve the article – also filmed by the council.  We ought to employ that pay and clean up punishment here!