Cleaning · February 2, 2023

Doggy Dust & Particles Can Be Eradicated

I have discovered one thing about dogs . . .  when they come back in from a mud encrusted walkies, it’s not the absolute disaster it may appear when that must stays on their feet and lower limbs.  The owner of the dogs I sit for tends to pop them in their sleeping crates and gradually their fur and feet dry out – the mucky stuff seems to miraculously turn into loose dust and gravelly particles that are easily vacuumed up.  They have a large day room with a very pale tiled floor . . .   the particles collect in the tram lines.   There’s a rubber broom that is fantastic for collecting up dog hair – it just collects so easily.  So I sweep up in a methodical fashion and then grab the vacuum cleaner as it does that final clear up.  The dust and hair that collects on the seat covers and dog blankets can be more challenging to deal with.  Shaking them vigorously outside does clear the looser elements but a brush will get the worst off – but it does take quite a few goes at this.