Cleaning · December 20, 2023

Obsession With Trees Does Not Lessen The Leafage Impact

I live very near a farm and between us are an unused and tree strewn bridleway & a couple of houses with lots of lovely trees in their gardens.   Now I am known for having what is kindly referred to by some as a tree obsession.  I don’t know a great deal about them but apparently I squeal with delight when I drive through an avenue of beautiful oak tree shapes or big elms ec.  I didn’t know I did that until a relative pointed it out in an air of exasperation.    Thus I don’t mind at all when the front garden gets covered with leaves of all shapes and sizes.  I don’t see these as just dead leaves beause they had a life on that tree until recently.  However it does mean that if I don’t sweep up the dead leaves very regularly, my front driveway and tiny porch are a mass of crisp brown maple leaves and I hear folk crunching their way to my door .  I do get comments from some visitors who don’t share my joy of leaves and for them I decline all invites to join me for coffee if they think they will be wading knee deep through leaves.  A good stiff yard brush is excellent for carolling them up into the big dustpan and carting them to the garden wheelie.