Cleaning · June 2, 2023

Limescale Remover Is First Cleaning Call

I have taken years to get into a really good morning routine.   But now I’m there!  Once I’ve done teeth and shower, I follow a very set routine with body products and once into my underwear,, I start the quick but very effective ensuite clean up routine.

Swilling the basin well first is more effective.  Then instead of normal shop bought bathroom sprays, which have a tendency to dull the porcelain, I use a product dedicated to removing limescale.     We have seriously hard water which is very chalky and leaves ghastly deposits on everything it touches.  I therefore spray round with a very well known limescale remover.  I have two cloths – one for the basin & shower, the other for the toilet.  A very quick rinse around removed all grime and deposits.   A polish off al surfaces with a dryer cloth buffs it all up to a splendid shine – which seems to always renew the original porcelain shine.    I also find in my kitchen that the same anti-limescale spray is a much more effective product on all surfaces, especially the stainless steel hob and sink.