Cleaning · April 9, 2023

Snow & Slush Followed By Carpet Treatment

This is the worst time of year for muck and grime.  Snow fell overnight and it has intermittently frozen then thawed and then frozen again.  The mess as the rain drizzles down and there’s puddles of mud everywhere.  My boots are dripping and I leave heavily marked inprints everywhere I go.  The problem with this is that those heavily impacted marks rub into carpets and floorboards so easily.  Everythig is such a dripping mess and then it dries and the out comes the vacuum cleaner.  I have a particularly good one, treatd myslf to the top brand and dicovered in mid life that this would  have been such a blessing to own years ago.  Everythig works well on it.  The crevice tool for going round the edge of cornices and floors is excellent, every scrap of dust comes up.  After thorough vacuuming, out comes the carpet shampooer.  My word that is a beast and a half but again, it does a fantastic ob and so long as you follow the steps on the instructions, a pretty good job can be made of the gorgeous honey coloured carpet.