Cleaning · October 4, 2022

Bathroom Cleaning Routine Shines Through

I do like to clean my bathroom in a particular routine.   This starts in the shower – I rinse the cabinet with the shower sponge after I’ve washed myself & whist it’s still got plenty of suds.  Then I spray round with the hot shower and it’s amazing how quickly this gets rid of the suds and streaks.   After I’ve dried myself off, I wipe round the cubicle with an e-cloth as this is one of the most absorbent materials on the market.  After I’ve done the shower and moved over to the basin, my teeth get a major brush up exercise.   Once that mess is cleared up, out comes the limescale remover spray as the deposits are very easily removed  with a well wrung out paper wash cloth.  Before the basin and tap are finished off, the toilet gets the bleach treatment.  The seat and lid are sprayed with limescale remover – separate paper wash flannels of course.  One must keep the basin and toilet cleaning cloths completely separate.    I dry it off and buff up the area with another e-cloth.    Voila – all done.