Cleaning · July 25, 2022

Kitchen Clean Ups

One of the areas of cleaning and janitorial service that often gets overlooked – in fact completely forgotten at times is that of village halls. Because of their very position and nature, being generally in the middle of a small village, not necessarily next to or serving large industrial outlets, they only get opened up and used by small groups of people. Very often also, they are run on a tight budget. I know of one hall that does have a committee charged with running its affairs, but they’re all very busy local residents who encourage the bookings for events, lunches, bowls club, dog training, WI etc, but tend to neglect the essentials like having the hall cleaned and serviced. It’s the kitchen and washroom facilities I find the most revolting and I eventually had to withdraw my support for some of the groups that used the hall because it was genuinely unsafe to prepare and serve food there. In the end, a group of like-minded folk clubbed together and hired and professional cleaning company to give the place a complete strip and sterilise of the kitchen and washrooms. The main hall was thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. The service included a full clean of all the folding tables and over 150 stacking chairs. It took two working days but the result was spectacular.