Cleaning · December 4, 2022

Hand Scrubbing Carpets Takes Little Time

There are ways and means of cleaning a carpet without having to hire a machine.  I vacuum the area really well – I ensure the furniture is brushed down and vacuumed between the cushions on the sofa to get rid of any crumbs and dust that lies between them so it doesn’t drift down on to the carpet.   So after the best vacuuming possible, the carpet cleaning equipment consists of a teacup ful of carpet leaning fluid in half a small bowlful of slightly hotter than hand hot water.  Swishing the water to make it froth as much as possible,  we than take a scrubbing brush and dip it in the froth only.  Applying the brush in circular motion around the most noticeable groups of spotting will help to lift the dirt out – rinsing the brush and reloading with more foam can allow the process to be repeated from one end of the room to the other.  Obviously the corners and less used area will just need a light brush over.  If the right fluid is used, there is no need to rinse it.  It’s best to have a windeow or door open to air the room afterwardes and allow full drying.