Cleaning · May 25, 2022

Covid Clean!

We are at this difficult time of pandemic conditions, all trying to sort out our domestic living arrangements for as much normality as we can, whilst still keeping a safe distance from each other if there’s any slight chance of cross infections. It’s unprecedented in this millennium. With so much panic about cleaning up after ourselves so as not to infect others with the virus, a run has been made on the cleaning departments of supermarkets. The best way around this is to have ordinary household bleach and very hot water. Donning household rubber gloves and a well wrung out e-cloth, it’s possible to get a huge area very clean and refreshed. having a separate set of clothes for the toilets and bathrooms to the kitchens and bedrooms will ensure germ fee working as much as possible. Wiping down all the major handles, around sinks, taps and all work surfaces are essential every day. Although having a nice shiny polished wooden floor is the desired look, it’s perfectly acceptable to simply use the same lightly bleached very hot water method with a well-wrung floppy mop on that too. Disinfecting hand wash basins very regularly and swabbing down the taps and all parts the family are likely to touch is just good practice now and for always in the future – it may have some long term bonus yet.