Cleaning · February 3, 2024

Professional Tips On Speediest Cleaning Of Bedroom Areas

I struggle with getting into routines, whether for hobbies or cleaning and housework.  I have now formulated a plan of action for every task I tackle and I do believe this is working.  My house is less chaotic and I am also – I can actually find some of the things I thought were lost forever.   I got some tips on how to clean a house quickly but super efficiently from a professional ‘housemaid’ who I know very vaguely through a friend. This lass showed me how she has to work to get the bedrooms and ensuites completed in the care homes she services.  It is a case of geting the resident out of the room and ino the loung, then 25 minutes to make the bed, changing sheets if necessary.  then the ensuite – emptying bin, sluicing down all surfaces and using extra strong cleaner in the basin and toilet areas.  Tidying up all the paraphanalia.   Sweep and mop the floor.  Back out to bedroom.  Tidy up dressers and tables, stacking paperwork and magazines.  Hanging clothes in wardrobe.  Taking out all dirty crocks and all dirty linen.  Once the surfaces have all been wiped clean, out comes the vacuum.  Its incredible how this swift unvarying routine is so effective.  The room looks and smells wonderful, at least until the resident is wheeled back in!