Cleaning · August 3, 2023

Cabin Boy – Stewards Make Cleaning So Straightforward

I have just been away for a couple of glorious weeks on a cruise.  It is simply fabulous just taking in the sights, sounds and luxury of life aboard a big shipful of fun, food and as much booze as one can guzzle in 24 hours!  This is all very fine but another amazing factor in the cruising lifestyle is the cleanliness of the ship.  Every day the steward makes up the cabin – replacing towels with clean ones if  you so much as drop one in the shower tub or leave it on the worktop.    Every single surfac is cleaned and polished to within an inch of its life and looks like a very tidy new pin whenever you come back to your ‘quarters’.  That cleaning ethic was wonderful.  I watched him in action in another cabinet, the smooth economical manner of working, from left to right, onece over each artcle/surface so as not to waste any time or energy needlessly re-doing any work,