Cleaners Can Help With Other Homely Tasks

There are so many ways in which we find ourselves needing help with mundane life tasks – take shopping, laundering and cleaning as three tedious but absolutely essential parts of our weeky programme.  The first one, shopping, can of course be dealt with online with the goods being shipped directly to our door and that has been so successful that many High Streets are now redundant – but that’s another matter.   The laundry is another item that needs care and time spent organising.  When an older person, or someone who has had illness can’t manage these every day jobs, it becomes necessary to hire a carer or someone who can live in to help or stop by regularly.  They usualy do the personal care but not always the domestic household jobs.   Arranging for a cleaning company to quote is daunting for many older people and that stubborn ‘I can manage!’ is often yelled at the person trying to help.  Some really modern and progressive cleaning agencies now undertake assisting with washing – perhaps loading the machine before they start their cleaning routine and hanging up the clean stuff to dry before leaving.