Doggie Do’s Needs Professional Cleaning Spree

There are times when the cleaning does seem like a never ending cycle.  I feel much the same – especially after I’ve had my sister’s dogs over for the weekend.  My goodness me they are great fun, give much love and affection, but really are simply the messiest articles around!  There is hair and mud all over the kitchen – I have a large, l-shaped room with a leather sofa for everyone not actually engaged in the important work to congregate on . . .  the dogs seem to somehow spread the mess with some sort of magic.  I have always managed to wipe up the worst of it before getting down to a serious disinfect and clean up.  Now though i have discovered the absolute joy of a professional cleaning company – my goodness me the difference is absolutely worth the  small fee every time – just the occasional one never breaks the bank but restores the spirit!