Continual Organised Cleaning Needed

There has been a shift in family duties gradullay over the last couple of years, certainaly in the little enclave where I reside.  In the days of yore, when families had a dog or two,  taking Mutley out for at least one walk a day was down to the youngsters to undertake.  Generally this was agreed when the whining to mum and dad started in the first place, when that friend’s gorgeous litter of labrador pups arrived and homes were sought!    Unlike today when it’s all through agencies and vetting procedures come to the fore.

With pets and children comes a need for regular deep cleaning.   A cleaning agency is by far the best idea, they can achieve domestic miracles in half the time, and the expense if so worthwhile for Mum, who these days probably works as well, and cannot possibly keep up with it all herself!