A Lady Who Cleans, Irons & Shops – A Miracle Indeed

I have a pal, recently widowed.  She’s always been in the somewhat more affluent sector of my acquaintances and has been very much used to always having someone around to do the cleaning, and often, shopping.  During her husbands final battle, she was very grateful for these services but because they’d always been there, almost throughout her marriage, it was nothing to write home about.  However, now that she has much more time on her hands, she’s been wondering if she should dispense with the help, do it herself and thus save the ependiture . . . . .  As soon as she mentioned this scheme to me, I gently but firmly put a stop to it.  I named half a dozen other much more worthy ways to use her time and energy.  Keeping on a cleaning lady who also does ironing, bed changing, shopping and curtain hanging . . . well they’re rare indeed and should be valued paid double as far as I’m concerned – I think I’ve saved the day for her Mrs Mop.