Keeping A Cleaner Worth Her Weight In Gold

A niece of mine lives with a partner and his three dogs.   Until the recent disruptions to the working week,  they had been able to enjoy the services of a very good cleaning lady.  She actually owns the company and because they lived in the same village, they were lucky enough to have her services when she visited her mother.   If they were any other couple, in any other village, they may not have been able to rely on the continuance of this happy situation.    Now of course, cleaners are very much in demand and they are able to refuse commissions if the pay and conditions no longer suit.  Admittedly they do have to comply with a much stricter set of operating rules.  Cleaning must be done very thoroughly and social distancing be adhered to where physically possible.   Many cleaners have actually beeen carrying on in limited ways, ensuring their older clients are not lonely, ill or hungry – they do often run errands, that’s for sure.  It makes it a bit difficult for some to lose a good cleaner – who now is worth hers and her entire family’s weight in gold!