Cleaning Outside Of Upper Windows

In modern houses, or those with replacement double glazing, it is usually possible to clean both sides of the upstairs windows from the inside.  This can be a very bewildering task for the inexperienced but with a couple of goes, will become less so.  Almost all replacement windows come with special hinges for the window to be opened fully to allow cleaning either side.  Sometimes there’s a catch in the window stay inside the bottom frame – a button to slide or push, that releases the hinge.  They are made stiff so that children can’t open the window themselves beyond the normal gap for air.    To clean the middle window, it will be necessary to sit on the sill with side windows  extended, and reaching across, spray and polish half at a time, taking care not to slip out.   It is tiring and not recommended for the less mobile or dexterous.  In these situations, getting a window cleaner for the outsides is recommended.