Good Old Fashioned Cleaning Habits Will Prevail

In these ghastly panic ridden times, the world having gone completely barking mad, it has been increasingly difficult to get hold of even the most basic cleaning materials at some of the more major super markets.  I don’t know what ges into the minds of some people.  There is a serious medical emergency and we’re asked to protect ourselves and families firstly by washing hands constantly and not touching faces with unwashed hands.  We usually have cleaning stuff at home for this anyway.  At least I’ve had the usual handful of packets of soap for myself as I don’t buy liquid hand cleaner – trying to reduce my one use plastics . . .  A bar of hand soap lasts weeks even with increased vigilance and it doesn’t dry my hands out like liquid does.   I save up my washing up now – by quickly rinsing the crocks immediately after use and popping in the dishwasher.  It saves so much more water and washing up liquid that’s wasted for just a small lunch for one!  Wiping down all surfaces with a ‘j’ cloth well wrung out in hot water and a quick spray of bleach based cleaner is still sufficient – I’m confident I’ve not got the virus and I don’t see why there’s this frantic hoarding of cleaning products.  Just everyday common sense hygiene to be used is sufficient.  It does make one wonder what families do when there’s no emergency – do they not ever wash their hands or wipe down surfaces and floors?  Hmmmm!