Special Floor Clean Up After Tea & Cake

We had a really busy and messy time in the village hall the other week.  And not for the firs ttime was I grateful we’d previously booked a professional cleaner to really give the hall a thorough going over.  An autumn fayre for the seniors social group and we did the usual cake and biscuits to go with cups of tea.  There were tables down the centre of the hall – with stalls along the sides.   For some reason we found ourselves having to be vigilent and catching the mess every time a really senior person tried walking from the serving hatch to a seat somewhere distant.    This is when you feel like shouting ‘I told you so’ when you’d already suggested it would be best to run a sort of waitress service!  Anyway we had plenty of newspaper to hand for instant mopping up.  The state of that parquet floor was terrifying.    We did our best with materials to hand at the time.  Our effors were pathetic though – the hall was rapidly getting worse from the grim weather – we eventually threw in the towl, literally and persuaded the caretake to book a professional cleaning company who could satisfactorily deal with a parquet floor.