Triplet Of Cleaning Emergencies Dealt With

I’ve had a really disasterous week so far at home.  I managed to drop an egg on the kitchen floor – stone tiles are unforgiving!   Then a day later I had hopped out to the garden bin, didn’t take off my sandals and promptly left huge prints on the pale honey coloured lounge carpet. . . ..  Things come in threes and I dropped a brand new fully loaded mascara wand on my bedroom carpet.  So I had to take emergency action.  The egg was asticky mess  but I got kitchen gloves on, double sheet of newspaper and scooped up as much of it  as I could aided by a palette knife, then mopped the area quickly with floor cleaner – twice.  The footprints were left to dry,  then a very stiff hand brush took the worst off – I then made up a very small carpet cleaning solution and with a nail brush, went over any ‘shadows’ with circular motion from the outside in towards the centre.  Leaving it to dry, it then vacuumed away brilliantly.  The last one was more of a challenge.   But I’ve discovered the spray I clean up after my daughter’s doggy mishaps is excellent for loosening and removing jet black waterproof mascara – who knew?!