Getting Back At The Fly Tipper With Big Time

I’m really not sure how there can be a temptation to tip garbage and domestic rubbish along bridleways and country lanes but for some folk, this lazy and totally unreasonable fashion is their standard m.o.  This is generally because local councils charge tradesmen for using their tidy tips – car and especially van drivers, are now required to state what they’re disposing of and they need permission for which they pay, to use the tip for professional clearance.  So the sumbags of this world never want to pay out or do anything socially acceptable and find it ok to ruin our countryside.   It’s so much more expensive when councils then have to pay out for professional clean ups too.  It was heartening to read online about someone who was filmed throwing a fridge over the side of a ravine in a beauty spot.    The authorities were able to trace him and shared the image of his offence on social media –  he was fined thousands of euros and had to retrieve the article – also filmed by the council.  We ought to employ that pay and clean up punishment here!