Getting Dad Appreciating His Need For Mrs Mop

Dealing with seriously old folk can be difficult at the best of times but when they lose some of their faculties it becomes a nightmare.  I’m thinking here of the problems arising when they can’t do the cleaning properly.   My friend tested her old dad by purposely putting a blob of toothpasteon his brush and a steradent tablet in the empty denture cleaning glass.  A couple of days later both were still in position.  So the most difficult of conversations had to begin.   After tears, tantrums and shouting from both sides, another approach was needed.   Dad wasn’t having any care teams coming in etc.  Rather brutally but effectively, my pal arranged for a cleaning contractor to quote for reguar visits.  Dad was sent away for a couple of days to the other daughter and in came a hit squad to blitz the house, concentrating on kitchen, bathrooms and main bedroom.   They were asked to try and replace as much as possible in same positions after cleaning so it didn’t hurt Dad’s feelings .  He did notice but after many sulks, realised how lovely it is to have a professional cleaner do the grotty monotenous task.   So now has a weekly cleaner and more visits from his daughters – he’s talking of having carers in after Christmas, like the nice neighbour he met whilst staying at his daughter!