Desk Mayhem Couldn’t Beat The Cleaning Boss

We all like to feel that our offices are presentable to the everyday visitor.  In the old days we used to have a cleaning company come out to our offices and we’d have to make sure our workstation was accessible to the battle axe of a Mrs Mop.  Not for us the bright, cheery, chatterbox often portrayed in the old Ealing comedies at the pictures.  Oh no, our one was purposeful.   One area that the poor old office cleaner can never get right is desk dusting . . . . .   when you see the mess and they have to work around, I’m amazed any of them stay in the job.  I worked for ages with a chap who was the world’s worst nightmare from an organisation point of view.   His desk was piled high with working files – lever arch were everywhere, on the spare chairs, all over any work tation and his ashtrays were littered all over the shop.  as were the plastic half drunk cups of coffee out of the super whiz coffee machine.   If any of us tried to give a hand we got shouted out – incredibly he knew where asolutely everything was, even 7 layers deep. . . . . . .  Our Mrs Mop gave that empire a steadily widening berth at every opportunity!