18th Birthday Bash Called For Excellence In Clean Ups

Just looking at the wonderfully happy crowds at the Embankment in London on tv  just now reminded me of a special event earlier this  year, when I had the largest crowd in this house that it’s ever held.  It out did the daughter’s 18th birthday party, and that was lively!    We did the clearn up for that ourselves.  Both before – with thorough vacuuming of all the carpeted areas and then much kneeling down with small washing up bowl with carpet cleaning suds and a scrubbing brush.   Wow that was tiring.  It was also fairly successful.  Enough for no one to think they couldn’t sit on the floor anyway.  But after the party – my word did we learn the lesson for life.  We engaged a professional carpet and house cleaning agency – they were absolutely wonderful.  My house looked incredible and smelt so fresh and inviting – I very nearly had another party.  But stopped in time!