Stripping Back The Patio Or Car Park

There are many aspects of keeping a house or business premises spick and span.  I don’t know whether we were just less fussy in the old days, or we just didn’t have the mess, but there are certain jobs that need a really professional cleaning operation to be effective.  Take patio and driveway cleaning for example.  For families that entertain regularly, it is nice to sit out on the patio, glass of proseco in hand, admiring the surroundings.  It is less lovely if the patio is all stained with black weathering and green moss.  It is possible to clean it ourselves using a high bleach content cleaner, but it is very time consuming and you have to be quick otherwise birds and pets can be affected.  Engaging a company to do this will be well worth the fee.  They clean car parks too.  Makes the kerb appeal so much greater for domestic and business premises.