Holiday Isle Flat Brooms Make For Slow Cleaning

I holiday every year in cyprus – that lusciously hot and historical gem of an isle in the med.  there are some things about the place that do make me smile though and however many years I have been going, it never fails to amuse me how laid back some of the services are.  When you see a cleaning lady, the speed of operation is slow.  Every action is like time standing still.  You wait for her to get to your bit of space but she takes for ages.  The brooms are such an odd design – completely flat either side, not angled to aid the operation.  The dustpans don’t have bevelled edges to make the sweeping of dust into them any easier.  The floor mops are likeold fashioned school ones that don’t wring out very well.  I am amazed that such a cute holiday spot keeps going, but clean or not, it does.