Airport Cleanliness Sees Regular Improvement

Coming to the summer holidays reminds me with a jolt that I will be off to sunny cyprus before very long.   I enjoy the whole experience from leaving home and dealing with matters at the airport.  Waiting in the queue at baggage drop always fascinates me.  For a people watcher, airports are absolute heaven.  Clean airports are even better.  I note that they are much hotter on clearing up litter and emptying bins.  Whether this is a security matter, in that empty bins can’t hide anything untoward, not sure.  However I note that the janitor services in the washrooms is also much better than it ever used to be.  The quality of the paper towels and liquid soap is sometimes called into question mind you.  But on the whole, the frequency of the cleaning machines being manoeuvred about as unobtrusively as possible is most encouraging and helps my holiday get going that bit better!