Swabbing With Disinfectant Eradicates Sticky Spots

You really have to keep on top of things when the weather takes on an extreme turn.  Cleaning up more often and thoroughly is the name of the game.  At times I get a bit lazy and don’t worry too much abot the odd toast crumb or bit of spud that’s left my plate and landed on the kitchen floor.  Since being invaded by a massive horde of flying ants and other grim things, I have made serious efforts to sweep up constantly and to get the rubbish out of the house and into the correct wheelie bin.  We have a food disposal bin too, mine went missing recently and I really do have to replace it.  My cleaning routine is so much more organised – vacuuming is done much more often and whenever there is something sticky on the floor or worktop, it is dealt with immediately.  I swab with disinfectant much more now too.