Cheery Days In The Laundry Relived On Disc

I was on stewarding duty at a local country house the other week.  We had lots of children in on a coach trip.   The schools are finding this new facility an absolute boon fo their social history lessons.  The focal point for the y ounger visitors is the downstairs servants’ quarters which are all interactive and lots of things for them to try out.  There’s cleaning the silver coffee pot, and some silver dinner forks – with strict instructions on how to treat each article so as not to damage them.  Then further along we come to the laundry tunnel – the original one.  Masses of bedding and other linens was loaded in to tumbrills at the start of the tunnel by ‘oddman’ and received by the laundry maids the other end.  There are sinks and big mangles – everything that the old laundry would have had – plus a cheery soundtrack of babbling cheery voices of the cheek laundry maids at their work.