Historic Wash Rooms Brought Up To Date

I help out at a heritage property a few hours a week.  My main tasks are to help visitors enjoy the rooms and all the knowledge that can be offered in relation to the artefacts.   There is a tea room on site and it would seem that many a visitor stops off there first and then decides to purchase a house ticket.  We like the clean and tidy visitor.  Especially those without walking boots and backpacks.  However we are diplomatic and manage to wrestle damaging personal bags off them.    The toilet facilities are newly updated, the decision to keep them in the sparse 1920s version was happily abandoned in favour of swish basins with automatic taps that turn themselves off and very quick air hand dryers.  These items alone save massively on the mess that can build up in washrooms.  The home engages professional cleaners in the high season  So worth the premium!