Pancake Tossing Mishaps Mean Extra Cleaning

Ah yes, Shrove Tuesday is here.  One of my very favourite dates in the calendar and one I particularly revel in.  I can’t help getting slightly excited by the prospect of pancakes.  I only ever have them on Shrove Tuesday, never any other day, although they are simple enough to make and cook.  I still hear my mother’s heartfelt pleas for us to keep as much of the pancake in the pan if we could possibly oblige . . . rather than sharing it with the carpet, chairs, dining table.   The pancake itself is easy enough to make, simple batter, but getting the correct amount of oil in the pan, too much and it all swims, not enough and the pancake cements itself to the pan and will rarely lift off to toss.  There is a knack.  I’ve taken 50 odd years to perfect it.   Getting oil & grease off the carpet is another matter!