Professional Cleaners Scrub Away Moving Day Blues

A relative moved house recently and just dreaded what she was going to find in the new place.  I say new, it is not exactly.  They’re moving from a mid 1980s house to a mid 1990s house of exactly the same size and dimensions, ownd since new by the same, now aged and infirm couple.

When we move we like to really clean up after ourselves.  When the removal folk have taken that last box and the truck has driven off to rest up – the serious scrubbing and spoinging down begins, then when you get the other end, it is very possible you will have to do the same before youre precious cargo is offloaded.  This is definitely when engaging  a cleaning agency is a jolly good idea.  Making sure they are available at both ends, with expertise to clean quickly and thoroughly will give peace of mind and  ensure a happy start in the new abode!