Significant Party Needs Significant Cleaning Job

It cannot be easy trying to look after a house that is home to a quartet of busy, inquisitive and active children.  It must be even more trouble when you add a boisterous puppy and an aged grandma into this mix.   I know just such a family and although they do seem to be unbelievably good natured and content with their lot, the house and garden does rather reflect the hectic lifestyle that goes on it it.

When the grandma was celebrating a very significant birthday recently, the mum to the quartet suddenly lost her usually reliable sense of fun and began looking on edge.  It took me a while to realise she was worried about how bad her house was now.  I put her in touch with a fantastic cleaning agency who came to quote, suggested some additional decluttering work and within a week the house was cleaner, emptier, calmer and ready for the party to end all parties!