Spring Clean To Beat Away Winter Blues

This strange weather does seem to put a dampener on all outside activities – no sooner  had the winter days left us, and we looked forward to long walks in the spring, then  back came the winter chills – together with horrendous winds and torrential rain.  It seems as though the weather world has gone completely topsy turvy all of a sudden.  This brings its own problems inside the home as well.  The children have to be encouraged to play outside whenever the will takes them – we all agree that outside play is better all round than the continual messing about with ipads and tablets etc.!

The trouble with then is the amount of mess that comes in with them.  For a really good spring clean ‘giving the place a right bottoming out’ as they say,  the only true method is to get in the professional cleaners.  They are quick, efficient and do not cost the earth.